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Property Care

At Aspen Ridge Lawn & Landscape, we know the value of keeping your outdoor property looking its best. Our crew offers professional lawn care services, from mowing and sodding to irrigation and seasonal upkeep.

Property Care Packages


Get the essential coverage your lawn needs to stay healthy and hydrated all summer. Our monthly services include lawn aeration, fertilization, weed control, and seasonal irrigation.


Level up your property routine with weekly trimming, pruning, deadheading, and weeding. We also offer aeration and fertilization to ensure your grass receives essential nutrients.


Make the best investment for your property with complete coverage year-round. Our Aspen package keeps your property healthy and vibrant and allows us to prep and protect it before winter.


Lawn Care

No matter the season, we customize our services to meet your needs and keep your property in pristine condition.

Man riding on lawn mower during his spring lawn care routine.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance services include mowing, weed control, seeding, and more. We’ll also provide advice on how to care for your property year-round. Whether you need regular maintenance or a complete revamp, our team is ready to get to work.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

We make every season a breeze with professional spring and fall upkeep. We’ll prep your lawn and landscape to protect it from Midwest winters and cultivate it just in time for spring. Leave the dirty work to us, and rest assured that your lawn is in good hands.

Raking leaves on grass.

Irrigation & Sprinklers

Lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems help you save time and money and prevent overwatering. Wave goodbye to dry, heat-stressed lawns and wilted plants, and say hello to a lush, green landscape. You can also time your sprinklers for when you’re not around, ensuring your property stays happy and hydrated all summer.

"If you need plants, go here! So many to choose from and the quality is the best in town!"

– Michelle Hamilton

Aeration & Fertilization

Before fertilization can occur, we need to ensure your soil is loose enough to receive the nutrients we’re applying. Our aeration services allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate grass roots so they grow deeply and produce rich, vibrant lawns.


Fine Gardening

Our property care experts know how to bring your plants to life. From pruning and deadheading to insect and disease control, we implement specialized techniques to help your garden fully bloom and return each year. 

Our Process

Dream. Design. Maintain.

No matter the season, we customize our services to meet your needs and keep your property in pristine condition. As part of our 3-tier property care packages, you can add on pool maintenance, snow removal, Christmas lighting, and much more.

Looking to expand your outdoor lifestyle? We also offer professional landscape design and installation—from outdoor kitchens to decks and pergolas to swimming pool installation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does seasonal upkeep entail?
In the fall, we take care of raking and removing leaves, debris, and dead plants and help prep your lawn for winter. Come spring, we will aerate and fertilize your lawn and eliminate weeds and pests. We’ll also mow your lawn edge, trim the grass throughout the year, and provide additional seasonal maintenance.
Why do lawns need aeration?
Aeration and fertilization are two of the most important steps in keeping your lawn looking its best. Aeration helps to relieve the compaction of the soil, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Fertilization helps enhance the grass's overall health by providing the nutrients and minerals needed to thrive. By combining aeration and fertilization, you can unlock the potential of your lawn and keep it looking lush and healthy.
How do I know if my landscape needs fine gardening?
We understand that every property is unique and requires personalized care. That’s why our team of experts will assess the condition of your plants and create a customized plan to ensure their optimal health and beauty. We use the best products and proven techniques to get the best results possible. 

Get a Cost Estimate

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