Plant panicle hydrangeas in full sun in the north and afternoon shade in the south. They need plenty of light to form flower buds. If you’d like to prune them to encourage more branching, do so in spring just as the new growth appears. You can trim the branches back by as much as 1/3 each year if necessary. Also, remove any dried flowers that have hung on through the winter at this time to tidy up the plants’ appearance. Water panicle hydrangeas regularly to keep them growing strong and to achieve the most notable color change from white to pink or red in the fall.

This plant is hardy for Zones 3-9. Rapid City is between Zone 4 & Zone 5 because of the change in elevation, please call ahead if you have questions about what Zone you are in so we can make sure this plant will be successful at your home!

Actual plant availability may vary, please Contact Us to confirm that we have this plant in stock!

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