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Have you ever wanted to grow fresh herbs and vegetables at home? We have all the essentials to add more flavor and variety to your garden.

Pro Tips

Harvesting Herbs & Veggies

Get the right gear.
Investing in quality hand tools like pruners, edgers, shovels, and spades will make nurturing your plants easier and more enjoyable. Other must-haves include gloves, trowels, hoes, cultivators, pest-repellent equipment, and a wheelbarrow. You'll find all this and more at The Plant Shop.
Start with regular watering and adapt to seasonal needs.
Healthy plants need consistent water and attention. Start with a regular watering schedule. Usually, twice a week will suffice, but adjust your watering schedule according to your plant's needs. You should also consider the season and weather conditions, as certain plants may need to be watered more frequently in extreme heat or during a drought. Watering is essential to avoid wilting or disease, so water adequately and often!
Keep pests away.
Proper maintenance, sanitation, and integrated pest management are vital in keeping these pesky critters away from your veggies and herbs. Natural methods such as increasing the number of beneficial insects in your garden are one way to reduce pests. Additionally, avoid overcrowding plants to provide better ventilation and ensure all debris is cleared from garden beds. Furthermore, inspect plants regularly for signs of pest damage and address any problems quickly with natural remedies before they become too severe or widespread.
Fertilize regularly.
The amount of fertilizer and the frequency you want to apply it vary from plant to plant. Most vegetables require multiple feedings throughout their growing season, and herbs will benefit from fertilizing regularly, especially when flowering or new growth appears. Organic fertilizers such as composted manures and mulches can help control weed growth, improve soil structure and water-holding capacity, and add nutrients to the soil for optimal plant growth.

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