Custom-Built Planters for Your Home

Buy premade or have our team specially customize a planter to your specifications.

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Custom Planters

Adding a personal touch to your indoor and outdoor plants is an easy way to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer modern, sleek designs or rustic, handmade pottery, our custom planter collection has something for every style, space, and home.

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Custom planter flower basket with flowers.
Group of custom planters at The Plant Shop.

Getting Started with Custom-Built Planters

We can design custom nursery planters for any special occasion or outdoor space. We offer a simple 4-step process that helps you choose the size, shape, and materials that best fit the needs of your specific plants, ensuring their optimal growth and health.


Step 1: Call Us or Stop By

Order your plants by phone or in person! Tell us your specifications, and we’ll help you consider important factors such as durability, weight, drainage capabilities, and insulation.


Step 2: Choose Materials

Popular materials for planters include ceramic, terracotta, and metal, while other options are fiberglass, concrete, or stone. We’ll help you choose materials that complement your space.


Step 3: We Build It

Our team will ensure your planters have adequate drainage holes to prevent water buildup and incorporate the appropriate soil type for optimal growth and protection.


Step 4: Pick-up or Delivery

Once your planters are ready to go, we’ll give you a call. You can pick up your planters in person or have one of our friendly team members deliver them right to your door!

Irrigation system along garden area of residential property.

Planter and Lawn Care Maintenance

Keep your plants and custom planters looking their best with Aspen Ridge Lawn and Landscape's property care services. From pruning, deadheading, and weeding to professional irrigation installation, we’ll help you maintain your landscape for years!

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Don't settle for bland or ill-fitting planters. Invest in custom options that add an extra layer of creativity and personality to your space. Contact us today to start planning your design!